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Helping Amusement Owners and Operators to Prevent and Minimize the Potential for Litigation and Exposure

When injuries occur in amusement parks, questions often arise regarding inspections, equipment failure, employee training, and safety violations. First impressions can be deceiving and the true explanation for what happened may, on closer inspection, involve complex issues in bio-mechanics, engineering, product engineering, maintenance or equipment malfunction. Whether you own or operate one of the amusement parks in and around New Jersey, you want skillful, knowledgeable and aggressive legal counsel that is familiar with the specific concerns amusement operators have, and the regulatory environment they operate in to protect your interests.

We have counseled and handled claims involving accidents at Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Waterparks for over twenty-five years.


Out of state counsel routinely attempt to improperly file law suits in their home states or cities to obtain more receptive jury pools. Here at CraigAnninBaxter Law, we successfully move to dismiss those cases or remove them to the proper venues in New Jersey, whether in a proper county, or the US District Courts for the District of New Jersey. If you believe the venue of your case is improper, call us immediately, since the time within to attack these procedural errors is strictly limited.

At law firm of CraigAnninBaxter Law, we bring a cumulative total of more than one hundred and fifty years of experience to every case we handle. To schedule a private meeting to discuss your concerns after an amusement park accident, contact our office online or call us at 856-795-2220.

We know how important your case is to you…it’s just as important to us.

Representing Parties in Amusement Park Accident Claims – Product Liability

Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the accidents that occur at amusement parks, and have extensive knowledge of the product engineering and product liability issues that can arise as the result of an amusement park mishap. We frequently work with amusement park owners to help put measures in place that identify potential risks and implement measures for eliminating, minimizing or mitigating risk. When accidents occur we have the skill, knowledge, experience and resources to protect your interests.

We understand the potential complexity of an amusement park injury claim, and work closely with engineers, manufacturers, safety experts and inspectors, and other professionals in evaluating maintenance reports, inspection records, and other information involving :

  • Brakes
  • Cable systems
  • Pulleys
  • Hydraulic systems on water rides and lifts
  • Braces and shoulder harnesses
  • Alleged physical assault on parking lots
  • Food poisoning inside park restaurants and food stands
  • Training of ride operators and park employees
  • Notice Requirements and the Carnival and Amusement Rides Safety Act

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