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Admiralty and Maritime Admiralty and Maritime Attorneys in Woodbury NJ


Maritime litigation has its own set of laws and procedures unique to Admiralty Law. Collisions, sinkings, and fires occurring outside the territorial sea (more than 3 miles from land) have rights and responsibilities unique to admiralty such as the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLROGS). The Bays, Sounds, and Rivers which flow into the Atlantic Ocean can also be subject to Maritime Law – the Inland Rules, as the laws of New Jersey, that do not conflict with Federal Maritime Law.

If you are injured in a maritime accident, you should obtain the services of a maritime attorney. Likewise, if your boat sinks, is in a collision, or is destroyed by fire it is essential that you consult with a Woodbury NJ maritime attorney concerning your rights and obligations in order to maximize your recovery or minimize your loss.

We regularly represent the boating public owners involved in collisions, sinkings, and fires and have the expertise to navigate through the unique features of the maritime law. Our practice routinely interacts with Marine Surveyors, Accident Investigators, and Cause and Origin Fire Experts to identify and explain the cause of a loss and the cost to put it right.

Whether you bought a “lemon” or have an exorbitant repair bill, we can quickly review your options and recommend the best course.

If your legal problem or injury is related to a cruise, whether it be personal injury, theft, or an assault, it is imperative that you seek assistance immediately since many cruise Contracts of Passage limit the time you may have to make a claim.

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