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employee discrimination

How Long Does a Workplace Discrimination Case Take?

If you are the victim of discrimination at work and want to take legal action, you are probably wondering how long the case will take. Workplace discrimination cases take an average of two to three years to complete and offer a resolution. This short post talks about workplace discrimination and why you need Woodbury NJ […]

truck accident

Who Is Responsible for a Trucking Accident Injury?

Getting into a trucking accident is a stressful experience, and you have many things about which to think. You are likely asking yourself how to decide who is at fault when an accident takes place. In most cases, the insurance companies go with anything law enforcement decides. If the police decide the truck driver is […]

fall in private property

Fall on Private Property? Who Would Be Liable For Your Injuries?

Whether you are visiting someone’s home, or you are shopping at a store, it is possible to fall on the owner’s property. If you are injured, someone is liable for the medical treatment and lost wages that you incur because of your injuries. As soon as you are able, you can contact the office of […]

need a lawyer

Why You Need a Lawyer When Facing a Lawsuit

If someone has filed a tort lawsuit against you, you are probably wondering what you should do to protect yourself from liability. Some people think they can handle tort lawsuits without the expert guidance of Woodbury NJ tort claim attorneys. You can run into a variety of problems if you do not have a legal […]

accused discriminiation

Accused of Discrimination in the Workplace? Why You Need a Lawyer

Craig Annin & Baxter are Woodbury NJ discrimination attorneys. Discrimination is ugly. When it rears its head in the workplace, it is frustrating and time-consuming. People who play favorites hurt the freedoms of their victims. Craig Annin & Baxter believe that workplaces should be free of discrimination. That is why we offer our services to […]

domestic violence in NJ

How Domestic Violence Cases Are Handled Safely in NJ

Domestic violence happens about every seven minutes in New Jersey. Although victims are usually women, it happens to men as well. About 25% of women and 15% of men in America are victims of physical violence from a partner or spouse. It is important for local victims to work with domestic violence attorneys in Woodbury […]

domestic violence act

New Jersey Residents Protected by the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act Without an In-Person Date

In a decision that is timely for the COVID-19 quarantine era, a New Jersey Appellate Court has ruled that a relationship conducted only through sexting qualifies as a dating relationship. In C.C. v. J.A.H., New Jersey’s Appellate Division affirmed the entry of a Final Restraining Order  under New Jersey’s Prevention of Domestic Violence Act in […]

voting rights

Voting Rights in New Jersey: What You Should Know About How to Exercise Them and Protect Them

Perhaps the most important right we have as citizens of the United States is voting, and while voting differs in each state, New Jersey upholds strict voting rights. Even so, certain groups and individuals have tried to take away rights from those who should be allowed to vote. If you believe this to be the […]

buying or selling property

Real Estate Closings in New Jersey: Does It Matter If It’s North or South Jersey?

If you are buying or selling real estate in New Jersey, it’s important to consider whether you are closing the sale in North or South Jersey. Keep some key differences in mind if you want to move forward without unneeded complications. This article explains the differences and how the Craig Annin & Baxter Law Office […]

insurance denied

Should I Talk to a Lawyer If My Insurance Claim is Denied?

Insurance is quite comforting until you need it. Then you plunge into a complex web of contracts and administrative operations with terms and processes average people do not understand. When your claim is denied, it can be a shock. A denied insurance claim means you do not have the money you need to handle your […]


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